Mystery Of God I “The Evolution Debate”

DarwinismUnlike most of its  proponents would love to have us believe, the theory of evolution is still as it was in Darwin’s time, a theory….just a mere speculation based unproven hypotheses. Yes, to believe in evolution, you need to have the same faith as you would need to believe in religious mysteries…and even allow yourself to be blindfolded a little bit from reality.

The thing is evolutionists never highlight the fact that evolution actually compounds of  six different forms ranging from cosmic evolution, chemical evolution,  macroevolution (the pitiful man came from the apes story),…..,to micro evolution and none of them has been proven…except microevolution to some degree…(in fact technically it’s not even evolution, but variation). It doesn’t take rocket science to challenge this pathetic hoax, but a simple realization that one can not prove a theory by a theory, and simply asking simple questions.

Let’s take an example of the big one, the big phoney, The Big Bang Theory. Since its beginnings, the Big Bang Theory has evolved to rely on a growing number of hypotheses required to explain observations:- Nucleosynthesis theory: to explain the colder than expected temperature of the universe:- Luminosity correction for galactic evolution: to explain the failure of the Tolman test:- Inflation: to resolve the flatness problem, the uniformity of the Cosmic Background Radiation (CMBR) temperature and the monopole problem:- Dark matter: to explain the problem of galactic rotation curves and the dynamics of clusters and groups of galaxies:- Dark Energy: to explain the acceleration of distant supernovae.

The continuous addition of new hypotheses to a theory constantly in disagreement with new observations is a strong indication that the underlying assumption, that the universe expanded from an extremely dense and hot state, is incorrect.  Based on the large number of publications which expose the theory’s weaknesses, it is becoming clear that the Big Bang Theory is collapsing under the weight of its own untested assumptions.

The Big Bang theory has failed repeatedly to produce predictions that agreed with observations.  Instead of rejecting the initial assumption of an initial hot, dense state of the universe, a large number of additional hypotheses are used to hide the inconsistencies.  Today, more than 95% of the universe is claimed to be made of a substance which has never been seen.

Many questions remain unanswered by the Big Bang theory Like :If the tiny ball off super-hot-dense “whatever” was existing in equilibrium with no external interaction whatsoever, What set it off equilibrium?-What was the same dot composed of and where did it come from? what is dark matter and dark energy? What causes the asymmetry in the temperatures of the Cosmic Background Radiation (CMBR) on opposite sides of the sky? Why doesn’t the timescale of quasar intensity variations increase with redshift and why don’t they obey the Hubble law? Why are mature galaxies seen in the early universe? How to explain the very large galaxy structures in the universe? Truth be told, it doesn’t add up, nothing makes any sense.

But then how come we find  so many well educated people furiously defending this cock and bulls story? Its because it is provides an escape route from the fact that God created the heavens and the earth and everything that is in it(Genesis 1,2). Satan is using this and many other shams to try and dethrone Jesus Christ and foolish man who does not want to revere his creator blindly follows…pathetic if you ask me!