Words From My Mother…The Queen!!!

CaptureListen to me my child; As long as I live, I shall take care of you. I vow to defend you till the last drop of my blood, till I draw my last my last breath, I shall fight for you.

But you should know that I will not always be there so you must learn to take care of yourself and our family.

The world is dynamic; it is changing day by day and in the most unpredictable manner. You may not have to pass through all that I have passed through growing up, yet you might have to endure even greater things. Those which even I your mother can not foretell.

What I am giving you now is the Universal wisdom I believe you can possibly apply come what may. Keep these words in your heart, in your mind, at your fingertips and around your neck at least for my sake. They are my only way of protecting you even as i shall no longer be around.

  • My child, never forget who you are. You are Chisanga Kombe, a son of your father and my personal jewel. You are Bemba loyalty and dignity shall forever flow in your veins.
  • Always remember you are special, you have unparalleled potential and unequaled abilities…but what matters is how you will apply all these in the world around you for the betterment of humanity. It is what shall distinguish you.
  • Never compete with anybody for anything. Competition induces hatred and fuels anger. Remember you have a higher purpose.
  • Never sustain arguments…not even when you are right. It is not your job to point out the wrongs of your companions my child.
  • Be comfortable with being a subordinate at times, be a team player and no matter your position, work to the best of your abilities.
  • Loosing is inevitable, failure is normal…it’s not a character of the victor you are to worry or give up on anything of value. You are a fighter my son. Always remember that your great stamina shall propel you even higher as you bounce back up.
  • Your thirst for knowledge I believe will land you in places far away from your father’s land. In those foreign lands, humility shall be your shield. It shall not matter what they will think of you as long as you remember who you are.
  • Loyalty is greater generosity; be cautious of the companions you choose for yourself. They shall either make you or break you. The only thing i tell you now are chose friends of your class, those who have as much as you have or as little as you have.
  • Friends are not permanent; they change so never change for anyone. Be a loyal friend but never do anything your spirit tells you not to do in order to prove yourself to your friends. You do not owe your happiness to anyone, it is within you. It is a choice you make; it is a product of perception and humility.
  • Open your mind to positive criticism, be cautious and obedient, be true, be kind and help whenever you can. Do not segregate. Everybody is equal.
  • Many people would want you to succeed, but very few will ever tolerate you being better than them. They will laugh at you when you will be down but do not mind then my sweet boy.
  • Be content with what you have, I may try to provide you with as much as I can but there will still be people with more, don’t strive to be anyone else because you are already special. As long as you convince yourself you are enough, you have enough, you will be at peace.
  • A day shall come when will meet someone who will take my place in your life as your guardian angel, as a second mother. Be very careful in your choice, beauty of the face fades but the heart of a woman remains intact. Do not prejudice based on ethnicity or race but find someone who takes you for you. Who tolerates your flaws and one who loves you, but most importantly, one whom you love.
  • Treat her with as much respect as you treat me. Be faithful and generous. Love her with all your heart and take her with her flaws. Never hesitate to prove your love to her and expose your affection.
  • Respect Elders wherever life takes you. Listen to them…there is wisdom which only comes with age.
  • Remember that your brothers and sisters are not only those you share a biological bond but those you share with any sort of relationship and all those close to your heart. You are an African so you must not adopt the western theory of relation. You are a Bemba so you must know your doors must always be open and your hand be stretched. You are an Adventist a Christian, but most of all, you are human.
  • Above all, always put God first in all that which you pursue. You have it n you, you can achieve any target you set for yourself. You are my son!

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